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Welcome to "The Evolved" Eco server!

Server is Open!

Unfortunately, the server is currently down and we are working with PingPerfect to resolve the issue

7.4 Is out!!!

Come join us in the freshly wiped map!

Make sure to check the server info for connection info!

Make sure to search for those excavators!
More info in the forums.

Make sure to vote for our server so more people can join!

Eco Server Forums

Eco Servers Io

iClan Website

Welcome to "The Evolved" Server. This close to vanilla server is just starting up, there is plenty of room for improvements and people!

Please keep in mind that "Eco" is still in beta/early Access so there may be some bugs from time to time.

To get started, fill out an application found under "Join the Server". If you are selected you will be white listed and able to join freely, though you will be among the first
so you will need to help your fellow Ecoians when they join too.

Administration and Moderation

Moderators and Admins
We will need some moderators as the server grows, moderators will be hand picked by the server admins when the time is appropriate. To apply for a moderator/admin position, click the link under about

Reporting Players
Moderators will help the admins keep people accountable both in game and on the discord chat server. If you have an issue with a moderator abusing his/her power please le t an admin know immediately, you may submit a "Report Abuse" by clicking  "About -> Rules -> Report Abuse".  A moderator will review the case and send it up to a moderator if need be.

Server News and Updates

Make sure to check the Forums and the "server Updates" for more information!

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10th Jul Mike vandiver just joined our community, welcome!
6th Jul SMMikoSama just joined our community, welcome!
25th Jun London just joined our community, welcome!
19th Jun gary meng just joined our community, welcome!
17th Jun SMwaitwhat just joined our community, welcome!
16th Jun tavie11 just joined our community, welcome!
12th Jun Adminzeleathos
Unfortunately the server is currently down, we are working with PingPerfect to resolve this issue. We will update you when we get more information

- The Evolved Team
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Website Finished!
The website has been finished! Thanks for bearing with us, if there are any issues please contact the admins using the contact admin page.

We will always be updating the website!


"The Evolved" Team
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